Becoming a Champion

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had cheerleaders, encouraging us for all the little things we do right, and maybe sometimes, cheering us for our failures (or at least surviving them)? In a way, I see the “like” button on Facebook as the same thing. When someone posts a picture of their fresh baked banana bread - that’s worth cheering about. First day of school pictures - of course! Finally getting that massive Euro game to the dining room table and playing for 6 hours straight with friends - dang right that’s worth cheering!

So what’s all this cheering about? Well, we here at Meeple Movers, need some CHEERLEADERS. As we continue to grow our business and share our love of board games with others - both the store and our game group, we want to reach more people. We’re currently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We use these to grow our audience. The experts say the best way to do that is with ‘engagement’. The more people that engage with the content that is posted, the more likely the voodoo magic (algorithms) will share our post to others.

Liking a post is like giving us a cheer! Sharing a post is like inviting the whole team over for a full on performance! And think of all the people in your social circle that could benefit from hearing about board games! The beauty of social media is spreading JOY, and even forming relationships in an instant with people from around the world! The possibilities are endless.

How can you help? Be our Champion! Follow us on social media - and when you see a post - hit the like /love/laugh button. Share something you like to your page so your friends can see it. Comments are even better! Have you played the game we’re mentioning? Do you want to? Tell us about it. Think the artwork is cool? Are you drooling at the thought of painting those miniatures? Yep, all of that.

And because silly Facebook likes to toy with your news feed to show what they want versus what you want, here’s a cool tip so you can make sure you see all our posts!

To become a Champion:

  • Click the magnifier in the top left of any page on Facebook.
  • Enter Meeple Movers; go to the Page.
  • Click … then select Follow Settings.
  • Below News Feed, select Favorites
  • Below Notifications, select Standard
  • Click Update

We appreciate you all!

ps - Staying connected with us on social media keeps you posted on the latest updates about the next location. We’ve been struggling to find something that works for our needs (and our budget) but we can't wait to settle into the next location so we can get game groups started again and kick off all sorts of fun things we have planned!

See you at the Table,

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