Inspiration for Leveling Up - The Roadtrip

In February, Jon and I hit the road to look for inspiration for Meeple Movers' next level - and man, did we find some cool places!

Over 9 days starting in San Antonio (Texas) all the way back home to Ocala (Florida), we traveled 1,500 miles through 5 states, and visited 23 board game stores/cafes. We were able to talk with owners and managers that gave us insight into their stores and how they got started, and how they’ve survived through the pandemic. One of our favorites places, Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe in Austin, Texas is pictured below

Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe in Austin, Texas

We found amazing stores, with great ideas and suggestions, and (if we're being honest) we found a couple examples of what not to do. :-) Our goal, as is with many of these stores and cafes, is to make a great "third-space" location for you to hang out. We want you to be welcomed like friends, even on your first day. We want a clean game space with a great library, for you to play with friends, or make new ones! A place to kick back with a beer, glass of wine, or an espresso. And events! Oh the ideas we have for events - murder mysteries, trivia nights, themed "geek" parties (think: second breakfast with Lord of the Rings), occasional ladies nights (wine with learning new games), paint & pints (miniature painting) and of course board game nights! And if we have room in the new space, special private game rooms for up to 12 players to be immersed in themed geeky awesomeness.

What does all this mean? We’re still working towards our board game cafe. We're getting ourselves organized and actively looking for space (hopefully out on Hwy 200 near I-75).

For those of you that followed our trip on social media - we would love to hear from you about things you saw that you'd like in the new location. Do you have ideas for something awesome for us to do? Tell us in the comments below.

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