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Ahhh Valentine’s Day. Every year, love is in the air, red hearts and cupids are plastered on everything, it’s the season of love!  This February - we’re not talking about all that mushy love stuff - we’re highlighting 2 player games you ARE going to love!

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When someone used to suggest a trick taking game, I would immediately picture a group of ladies sitting around a table playing bridge and internally turn my nose up. However, recently I’ve been schooled on how much fun and challenging trick-taking can be, so that’s the next mechanic in our series.

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Depending on where you are in the world, you may still be in lockdown or under restrictions for travel. Although COVID has been such a terrible ogre this year, if anything good has come out of 2020, it has been the opportunity to sit around a table and play games with those closest to us. We have a list of games you’ll want to tell Santa about – 2 player games, solo games, and even ones that you can do on Zoom.

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