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For those that master the engine building mechanic, it seems almost magical. Have you recently played a game where your turn took 10 seconds or so with little result, and the next player spent nearly the same amount of time but ended their turn with a bounty! Watching someone turn a perfectly built engine almost seems like sleight-of-hand and is certainly impressive. Let’s pull back the curtain on this useful mechanic and learn about engine building.

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Every once in a while, a game comes along that I know is going to be a smash hit; a game that will win awards and introduce new players to the hobby. Silver was just such a game ... and yet, it wasn't. The first time I saw Silver was at Dice Tower Con 2019. Bezier Games was demoing the soon-to-be-released title without a lot of fanfare. I asked the demo-er about the game and he started to explain how cards start face down and you only get to see 2 of them at the start. Oh boy, a memory...

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The year 2020 has definitely given us a new perspective on life. With COVID-19, pretty much everything we do has been affected in some way. For us here at Meeple Movers, it has made a big impact.

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