The Meeples are Moving!

For those of you that follow Meeple Movers closely, you know it’s been a challenging year for us (as for everyone). We announced at our annual convention, HoliCon 2019, that we were planning to open our new board game café, Legendary Game Café in 2020. As with most things, 2020 said, “Ha! Hold my beer!” Since it’s not an ideal time to open a café, or a brand new business (unless you're selling pandemic supplies), along with our partners, Andy and Page, we decided to push it to the back burner until things settle a little.

However, Meeple Movers has continued to grow. Thanks to those that support us and love board games as we do, we had to find a place to expand. Although we have been blessed to sell a lot of games over the last year, we’ve most certainly outgrown our garage. So, the search began.

Most of the places we would have chosen required a multi-year lease, and since we’ve still got the café percolating on the back burner, we really didn’t want to do that. Our biggest goal was to have a storefront, a warehouse large enough to ship games out of, and hopefully have a small space to play games for those that stopped by for a visit. Did you know that we have over 580 games and accessories (and more pouring in every day)? We needed a place to put them on display!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve found our new location and the doors officially open next week. Located off of North 25th Avenue, Meeple Movers - the best board game warehouse in Ocala - would love to invite you to stop by.

Better yet - we’re planning an Open House in December! So stay tuned to social media for details. We’re excited and hope you’ll join us to celebrate one more step towards our dream!

ps - Don’t worry, we’ll be taking all necessary precautions to keep everyone safe as possible - sanitized surfaces, masks, social distancing, etc. Your safety is our top priority!

See you at the warehouse!
Address is: 2421 NE 18th PL, Ocala FL 34470

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 4pm
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