Wishes for Christmas

Usually at this time of year, we’re busy decorating, baking, and generally exhausting ourselves with the Christmas holidays. This year, I know our Christmases will probably look a little different.

Depending on where you are in the world, you may still be in lockdown or under restrictions for travel. Many of us will miss out on seeing family or loved ones. Although COVID has been such a terrible ogre this year, if anything good has come out of 2020, it has been the opportunity to sit around a table and play games with those closest to us. I’ve heard so many stories of families gathering around the table and pulling out board games (even if they were sitting with the dust bunnies in the back of a closet). As new life is breathed into board games, it’s encouraging to introduce folks to today’s new breed of board and card games. As I often explain how board games have changed since our childhood Monopoly, the excitement and awe on people’s faces is the coolest thing!

Our hope here at Meeple Movers, is that you’ll be enjoying board games with family and friends - even if in small numbers! There are games that can be played over Zoom, Skype or Facetime! For those of you that are not venturing out, there are so many awesome solo games out there - making it easy to go on an adventure without ever leaving home.

This season, we’ve tried to stock up on some of the games that will make sharing time together a little easier this year. Below you’ll find a suggested list of games that might be a good fit - whether for Aunt Sally that loves Hand & Foot (Antiquity Quest) or Uncle Paul that loves trick taking games (Skull King) - you’ll find something for everyone!

Solo Games
EXIT (lots of choices with themes and skill levels)
Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion

The parents play Brynk

Family/Children Games
Drop It
The Color Monster

Games with Zoom (and others)
Welcome To … (includes Solo AI)
Just One
Floor Plan

Two Player Games
Star Realms - Colony Wars

Party Games
Ubongo Extreme
The Game of Wolf
Sushi Go Party
Just One

Gamer Games
Cosmic Colonies
Dwarven Smithy
The One Hundred Torii
Escape Plan

Finally, we just want to wish everyone a wonderful season with a happy and healthy new year! 


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