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Devir (DVR)



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5th Century BC: When Athens and the Delian League clashed with Sparta and the Peloponnesian League. In this civilization-shattering conflict, military prowess was only as important as managing a strong alliance and feeding the population… all while keeping the cultural and political engines running! In this game, you control the gate of either Athens or Sparta, expanding the power of your League, attracting other Poleis to your side (either by diplomacy or force) and keeping an eye on trade and cultural progress as you seek to gain any advantage in this unique battle for hegemony!

  • The definitive edition
  • One of the best rated games of its kind
  • A very demanding game for players.

Mechanics include: Resource Management and Area Control

Players: 2
Recommended Age:  12+
Playtime in minutes:  60-120

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