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Ready to hold your breath for awhile? You cannot help yourself in Brynk! This amazing balancing game by Winning Moves Games will have you yelping, squealing, and howling with laughter.

Brynk uses colorful plastic geometric shapes with notches at the corners. Players take turns placing the triangles, squares or pentagons onto the Brynk tower. Sounds easy enough… but, the tower is balancing on a teeter-tottering base with wheels. Carefully place your piece by hooking it onto an available slot...then watch as it sways, spins and bobbles. Will it stay on the tower, or send all the pieces crashing to the table? If one or more pieces fall off, you’re out of the game. If the entire tower falls over or all of the pieces fall off, the game ends immediately and the last player who successfully placed a piece on the tower is the winner!

Brynk is a fun dexterity game that will quickly catch everyone’s eye on game night and become an automatic favorite! Also, Brynk’s container also becomes the storage container, so when you’re all done, just toss everything back in the bucket until the next time!

Mechanics include: dexterity and push your luck. 

Players: 2 or more
Recommended Age: 7+
Playtime in minutes: 15-30


  • Game Unit (doubles as storage container)
  • Balancing Game Base/Cap
  • Tri-Slider Piece
  • 42 Plastic Brynk Playing Pieces 
  • Illustrated Instructions