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Welcome to the robot fighting arena! Today we experience the most fantastic steel gladiators of this year's Robot Fighting League season. The combat robots are already waiting for their use with their engines running. The crowd is screaming for sparkling laser blast action and the operators are just waiting for the start whistle to finally get going and make their control consoles glow. A spectacular spectacle of cybernetic devastation awaits us! And in the end there will only be one operator who will be the winner in the arena with his robot ... LET THE FIGHTS BEGIN !!!

In Volt , every player takes on the role of a robot operator, who lets his robot compete against the robots of other players in a battle arena. When programming the next 3 steps, each operator tries to anticipate the movements of the other robots in order to destroy them or to gain control of victory point fields.

Volt contains easy-to-understand training rules, but also includes various modules for experienced players to make their robot battles even more exciting and merciless.

Plan your next steps ahead and quickly grab a start number so that your robot can run or shoot at exactly the right moment later. Push the other robots into pits or shoot them away with your laser to get victory points. Sounds simple - it is, at least the rules. Catching the others without getting anything yourself can be quite challenging. Fortunately, destroyed robots don't have to wait long for their next deployment. They start again in the next round.

Volt is a completely revised and expanded edition of Emerson Matsuuchi’s Volt: Robot Battle Arena. The game is suitable for families as well as frequent gamers thanks to its simple basic rules, it's exciting imponderabilities and the tactical possibilities in the advanced game. Volt also includes sophisticated AI rules for playing with 2-3 players and a tournament variant.

Voltis designed as a game-in-the-box, in which the game boards are placed in the box and form a 3D battle arena together with the arena posts. The game is high-quality equipped with detailed robot miniatures, semi-transparent dice, various card stacks and many other breathtakingly designed components.

Mechanics include: Action Queue, Grid Movement, Simultaneous Action Selection and Variable Player Powers

Players: 2-4
Recommended Age: 10+
Playtime in minutes: 30

  • 2 double-sided game boards
  • 4 arena pillars
  • 4 robot miniatures
  • 4 controllers
  • 4 screens
  • 4 monitors
  • 6 dice (8 red, 8 blue)
  • 1 training rulebook
  • 1 RFL manual
  • 4 robot cards
  • 36 module cards
  • 4 champion module cards
  • 4 overview cards
  • 2 KillBot cards
  • 4 KillBot AI cards
  • 4 starting numbers
  • 20 damage tokens
  • 24 victory point tokens
  • 12 mine tokens