Board Game Bonanza!

Welcome to the Board Game Bonanza

It's a semi-bi-weekly, themed contest featuring a selection of some of our favorite games. Play the games to earn points. Points earn bragging rights and some other stuff too (promos, prizes, store credit, etc.).

Awesome! I like points, how do I join?

All Board Game Bonanza events are posted in our Game Group page. Events take place on various days of the week to give as many players as possible the opportunity to play. Don't worry if you can't join every one, there is no penalty for missing a Bonanza event (other than zero points ;).

Points are awarded based on the number of people in a game. The player with the best score gets points equal to the number of players (more competitors means more points!). Next best gets one less and so on.

Still got time after playing all the featured games? Earn one BONUS POINT for playing another approved game that has the same theme. Play as many as you can within the allotted time.

In the event that a game is not complete by the allotted time, the Manager will set a random timer for 1-10 minutes. Players will play until the game is complete or until the timer runs out. The game is scored immediately.

Prizes Award:

  • During featured game days, players may also receive incentive rewards including promo cards, discounts on games played, and more.
  • Quarterly scoring: First Place will receive a $20 Meeple Movers Gift Certificate and bragging rights! Second Place will receive a $10 Meeple Movers Gift Certificate (and bragging rights when the First Place winner isn't in the room! ;)

How do I know when I'm in the lead?

You can see the leader-board for each quarter at the store and below:

2023 Second Quarter