Game Rentals

How cool would it be to try out a board game before you buy it? Maybe you have family or friends coming for the weekend and you want a pile of games to play. Maybe you're still on the fence about purchasing the latest Vital Lacerda game because you’re not sure it’s your jam. Meeple Movers has you covered!

Not only is Meeple Movers the place to purchase your favorite games, many of our games are available for rent. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! Our rental program allows you to choose from more than 150 games (and growing) to rent per day. We even credit the rental fee towards the purchase of the same game when you return it (same day)!

Follow the links below to find all the games with descriptions, pictures and videos. Pick out your favorites, pay for the rental, and they'll be waiting for you at the store. If you have any questions - Contact Us!

Meeple Movers is located at 2421 NE 18th Place, Ocala FL 34470. Hours for picking up and returning rentals are Tuesday - Saturday, 12pm - 5pm.

Check back often, we’re continually adding new games to the rental library!

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Not sure what to check out? Here’s some suggestions to help you choose your next great gaming experience.


Party Games


The Mind

Castle Panic

Forbidden Desert

Just One

No Thanks!


Letter Jam (coming soon!)

Ultimate Werewolf Deluxe


Couples Night - 2 Player

Simple Rules

The Fox in the Forest Duet

7 Wonders Duel


Holmes - Sherlock & Mycroft

Point Salad

Sushi Go

Blue Lagoon


Press your Luck

New Classics

Incan Gold

Las Vegas Royale

Dead Man's Draw

Can't Stop