Ways to Play

Playing Games at the store

Meeple Movers is your destination for fun! We are all about inclusivity - everyone is welcome. Check out our library of over 300 games, relax with friends, and enjoy your favorite beverage or snack. Our expert staff is here to guide you to the perfect game and offer instructions for a unique experience. A small $5 per person fee gets you access to our library and play space, so whether you’re hankering for the nostalgia of Monopoly or Battleship, or you want to try the latest hotness in hobby gaming, we’re here to make sure you have a great time. While you’re here, grab a coffee, soda or snack at our cafe!

Want to take a game home? No problem! There’s plenty of new games and accessories to choose from, as well as our (coming soon!) rental program that allows you to try out many of our games at home.

Meeple Movers also hosts game nights where you can meet other local gamers, or bring family and friends to learn a new game. Tired of the kiddos staring at screens? Bring them in to discover non-digital fun the whole family will enjoy!

Interest in Dungeons and Dragons or other Role-Playing games? We're working to build a thriving and vibrant role-playing community. Come join us!

You can also learn more about our membership program, where VIG’s (Very Important Gamers) get tons of cool benefits.

Coming Soon…
Soon you’ll be able to kick back with a glass of beer or wine with trivia nights that will tickle your funny bone and test your geek cred. Come learn to play Dungeons and Dragons or try your hand at painting miniatures for your next adventure - there’s plenty of opportunity to find a new favorite pastime.

Join us at the table to start your next adventure!

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