2022 Quest Calendar - An Adventure-a-Day RPG

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The Gates of Terralon

Years of war and turmoil caused the Gods to separate their worlds from one another. This did not stop the fighting. The demons were dealt a devastating blow when their gate was destroyed. The consequences were unexpected. Now, demons pour forth and spill into other worlds, wreaking havoc across existence. Elsewhere in Terralon, the King's Festival approaches. Many come from afar to compete in the yearly tournament. The title of Lord, and the riches and land which accompany said title, can be won in this competition. Even the poorest commoners have a chance at glory. Will you compete in the tournament at the King's Festival and earn the title of Lord? Can you stop the demon invasion and prevent the collapse of all worlds?

Following in the footsteps of the hugely acclaimed 2021 Adventure-A-Day RPG calendar from Sundial Games, this 2022 calendar contains 313 pages with weekends combined on a single page. This calendar contains a game meant to be played with a set of 7 polyhedral dice (not included).