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Elf Creek Games (ECG)

Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition

Atlantis Rising 2nd Edition

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What if you could save Atlantis from its fateful destruction?

Atlantis Rising is a strategic, fully cooperative worker placement game. In this challenging mission of escape and survival, 1-7 players take on the role of the leaders of Atlantis and their followers, councilors tasked with building the components of a cosmic gate that can lead their people to safety.

Each round, players will first place their Atlanteans into different action areas where they will gather different resources. To gather resources successfully, players must roll dice for each worker and attain a certain value. The closer you place workers to the shore, the easier it will be to gather resources, but the more likely you will be to lose your worker to the rising flood waters.

Mechanics include: Cooperative Game, Dice Rolling, Push Your Luck, Solo / Solitaire Game, Variable Player Powers and Worker Placement

Players: 1-7
Recommended Age:  10+
Playtime in minutes:  60-120

37 double-sided game board island tiles
54 player pieces—52 wooden, 2 acrylic, including custom meeples
6 mystic barriers, with plastic stands
24 mystic energy—glass beads
10 double-sided councilor player boards
100 bridge/standard-American cards
21 cosmic gate component tiles
Wrath of the Gods round tracker and token
1st player marker
1 rulebook
12 acrylic crystals 
12 acrylic gold nuggets
12 acrylic iron ore meteorites
16 resin atlantium bars
2 six-sided, 20mm dice

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