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Mayday Games (MYY)

Bamboo Bash

Bamboo Bash

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This all-new dexterity game is great for families, friends and children!  

Yes this game comes with a PANDA mini figure!

This game takes the fun elements of jenga and incorporates them into every turn.  Rather than one "ahhh" moment at the end of jenga where everything comes tumbling down, each turn is filled with that crashing down, but for points (hopefully most of them positive).  This cute, hilarious and deceptively simple game can quickly be enjoyed by kids and parents alike, but with more advanced strategy rules, this game is great as a gateway into today's modern board gaming world.  This casual game plays in 15 minutes or less and is worth repeating.

Brief Gameplay - Take turns hitting the Bamboo Shoot with the Panda Paw, trying to cause only Bark to fall off. When the Bamboo Shoot has just a few pieces left, the game ends and you score points for Bark, lose points points for Centers, and maybe get some bonus points for Bark with leaves - as long as you didn’t disturb the Cub!

Mechanics include:  End Game Bonuses, Semi-Cooperative Game, dexterity and Stacking and Balancing

Players: 2-8
Recommended Age:  7+
Playtime in minutes:  10-15


  • 1 Stem Base
  • 1 Panda Cub Miniature
  • 1 Panda Claw
  • 7 Stem Centers
  • 28 Bamboo Outer Pieces

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