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Inside Up Games (IUG)

Block and Key

Block and Key

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A temple - long forgotten by time - hides mysteries whose keys may be unlocked. Some fear what lies ahead. We however cannot wait to try our hand, nay our head, on these ancient grounds. Although we arrive together, our pride pushes us to unlock the secrets before our fellow archeologists. 

Adventurers will be placing 3D clay blocks into a centralized raised playing area, with the goal of completing their own request cards. The challenge is made more interesting as each player is limited to their “2D” viewpoint. Each turn adventurers may either draw new blocks from the supply, or place ONE block into the shared space. They may then check to see if they have completed any request cards before filling their hand. The first adventure to complete the number of request cards required by the player count ends the game. Scores will be tallied and one player named the victor.

Players: 1-4

Ages: 14+

Playtime: 20-40 minutes

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