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From the manufacturer:

Book an adventure. Take off aboard your aircraft, looking for the fabulous treasures of the world of Celestia! But beware, the trip is not safe. Discover extraordinary cities, from Heolia, the city of winds, through the wild Kanopea, the road is long to Meiji, the most beautiful of the nine flying cities.

Take precious treasures. Will you find the much sought after gold ticket on Barbadahl, the mysterious watch of this damn white rabbit on Darjeelaya or the powerful unobtainium on Ymirok? Evaluate risks - every next stop is a promise of even more incredible treasures. But sometimes you have to know why keep ...

Celestia is a thrilling and fun adventure game for those who have a taste for risk. You'll love the beautiful components and ease of play in this great 2-6 player game. 

Mechanisms in Celestia include betting, wagering, take that, dice rolling and press your luck.  

Players: 2-6
Recommended Age: 8+
Playtime in minutes: 30


  • 1 Rulebook
  • 1 Cardboard Airship
  • 6 Pawns
  • 15 Tiles
  • 4 Dice
  • 162 Cards