Charterstone Recharge Pack

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Dreaming of going back to Greengully, to start all over again? Wishing for an opportunity to add friends to the experience, or just play through again with a little hindsight. Either way, the Charterstone Recharge Pack is just the thing to get you back to square one.

The Charterstone Recharge Pack contains the components for a second campaign of Charterstone. Although Charterstone is designed to be replayable once your first 12-game legacy campaign is done, the Recharge Pack provides the option to reset the game. Using the back side of the game board (included in core game), your quests in Greengully await you. It contains all the components that were permanently changed in the first campaign, allowing players to use the original components such as the wooden coins, meeples and resources.

Please see description from original game for more detailed information about the game itself, mechanisms and components. You must have the original Charterstone game in order to use this Charterstone Recharge Pack.

Players: 1-6
Recommended Age: 14+
Playtime in minutes: 45-75

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