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From the publisher:

Howdy pardner! The name’s Buster. Stick with me and I’ll take you from an unsalted greenhorn to a sourdough miner, lickety-split!

The 1849 Gold Rush began in Coloma, California, where gold was discovered in the waters of the American River. As the exciting news spread, people arrived from far and wide, making Coloma one of the fastest growing boomtowns in the West. Claims were staked, homes were built, and businesses were founded.

Coloma is the town where an unexpected event happened that shaped the history of the Western Frontier. In the winter of 1848 a man building a sawmill on the South Fork of the American River spotted some bright nuggets in the tailrace waters below. Sure enough, it was gold! Though he tried to keep his discovery a secret, word quickly spread, triggering the California Gold Rush of ‘49. Thousands of people arrived from far and wide, making Coloma one of the fastest growing boomtowns in the country. Claims were staked, tents were pitched, and saloons and hotels sprung up almost overnight. Everyone wanted their cut of the land’s wealth. For many it was, “Coloma or Bust!”

In the game of Coloma, you are a pioneer who has recently traveled out West to strike it rich and make a name for yourself. You will prospect for gold and use your windfalls to recruit workers, rustle up horses, and establish businesses. You will also get the opportunity to explore the surrounding riverways and frontier lands. But take heed! You are not alone—every other pioneer seems to have gotten the same idea! You’ll need to outwit your fellow pioneers to not go Bust with the rest of them.

Coloma is a fast-moving strategy game with many paths to victory. It offers unique twists on simultaneous action-selection, resource management, and engine-building. The Buildings in your tableau allow you to become more efficient, gain extra actions, and bend the rules to your advantage. With these and the dynamically-scoring Bridge tiles, you can fine tune your gears to suit your individual.

Mechanics include Hand Management, Simultaneous Action Selection, Variable Phase Order and Worker Placement

Players: 1-6
Recommended Age: 14+
Playtime in minutes: 60-90


  • Main board
  • 5 character cards
  • 2 rotating tiles
  • 80 town building cards
  • 10 hotel cards
  • 5 pioneers
  • 20 river tiles
  • 18 bridge tiles
  • 5 wagons
  • 20 horses
  • 5 score markers
  • Round marker
  • First player marker
  • 5 player boards
  • 5 selection dials
  • 5 buster cards
  • 1 buster meeple
  • 16 outlaws
  • 60 dudes
  • 40 camps
  • 40 bucks
  • 24 barrels
  • 5 reference sheets
  • 30 gold cubes