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Ludonaute (LUD)

Colt Express: Bandits Expansion - Cheyenne

Colt Express: Bandits Expansion - Cheyenne

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The one who makes your life a misery.  Cheyenne moves faster than anyone, and when she steals money, she takes a Purse from all the other Bandits. Cheyenne has swapped her Colt for a bow. Beware, she's a better shot with her arrows, especially as they are poisoned.  If you are shot with a Poisoned Arrow, you cannot win anymore, unless you get an Antidote before the end of the game.  This product is an expansion, the base game of Colt Express is required to play.


  • 8 Action cards
  • 6 Poisoned Arrow cards
  • 6 Antidote tokens
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