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Ludonaute (LUD)

Colt Express: Bandits Expansion - Doc

Colt Express: Bandits Expansion - Doc

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To get Doc’s respect is not easy: you need to reach him (through a fire or a punch). But if you are able to do it, you will make all decisions in Doc’s place… until another Bandit gets his Respect.  Doc is also a crack poker player. If he drags you in a poker game, you may win or loose a lot….    Thanks to the stacks he is used to win, Doc can easily be the richest Bandit. He is not called the smartest one for no reason.

This product is an expansion, the base game of Colt Express is required to play.

8 Action cards
1 Doc’s Respect card
6 Special Bullet cards
6 Stake tokens
1 Purse token

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