D&D Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments Adventurers Paint Set

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The official Dungeons and Dragons series of paints and brushes.

The brand new range of colours for the D&D universe has been thoroughly and painstakingly researched to match the many varied (and indeed colourful) creatures and monsters inhabiting it. All paints are super high quality and bottled in new 12ml dropper bottles to avoid spill and drying out. Also, in each paint set there is a FREE Dungeons & Dragons miniature made by Gale Force 9 - and last, but not least - we have a cool D&D brush too, to get you going.

Paints include:

  • abyssal black
  • lawful white
  • dragonfire red
  • angelic yellow
  • flumph pink
  • treant green
  • bugbear brown
  • grey primer
  • kraken blue
  • mithril silver