Dwarven Smithy: Masterforge

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The 54-card Masterforge expansion to Dwarven Smithy creates a new common Marketplace area near the center game board, where all players have access to the new contract, prospector, and equipment cards. Equipment cards function like item cards from the base game and prospectors function like resources with a twist; prospectors have two resources! Contract cards give you bonus money and complete when Item cards are completed.

Additionally, the game adds two-sided Trait cards, with each side giving players new abilities during the game. Trait cards are placed in the Apprentice or Tool areas and will reduce the number of Apprentices or Tools a player can use. Traits can also be flipped, at a cost, to use the ability on the back of the card. Lastly, the expansion adds a new optional game phase, Auction, where players can choose to auction one card in their hand.

Playtime in Minutes: Adds 15 per player

This expansion requires the base game of Dwarven Smithy to play.


  • 54 Total Cards
  • 10 Trait Cards
  • 16 Equipment Cards
  • 12 Prospector Cards
  • 12 Contract Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • €‹4 Pages of Rules