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Eagle-Gryphon Games (EGG)

Faux Diamonds

Faux Diamonds

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Faux Diamonds is a 4-suit trick-taking card game in which players sell their cards (diamonds) on value tracks that change after each sale. After a series of hands, the winner is the player who has accumulated the most wealth.

You have tough choices to make. Will you sell high by winning the trick? Or, if you don’t have any of the suit led, which alternative market gives you the best chance of profit? But be careful, your opponents can also play faux diamonds at any time, and this will cause the markets to fluctuate. Play the markets right, and you can get rich selling Faux Diamonds!

Faux Diamonds is #25 in our Gryphon Bookshelf Series.


  • Rule Book
  • 60 Diamond Cards: 52 cards of rank 1 to 13 in each of 4 suits (Black Pear, Yellow Trillion, Pink Princess, & Blue Round) plus 8 Faux Diamond cards
  • 12 Player Aid cards
  • 5 Diamond Value Track Rules cards (double-sided, sets A-J)
  • Dealer token
  • 17 Diamond Value Track tiles
  • 4 Magnifying Glass tokens
  • 70 Wealth counters (40 clear, 20 red, 10 blue)
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