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Deep Water Games (DEEPW)

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

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Design the ultimate home in this fast-paced roll and write! Players compete to design and decorate to satisfy the demands of their clients; from sprawling mansions to exquisite topiaries. Which architect will resign supreme?

  • Plays 1-100 in 20-30 minutes!
  • Players compete as they design and build dream homes!
  • The perfect game for game night no matter the group size
  • Elegant design makes no 2 games the same

Mechanics include: Dice Rolling and Simultaneous Action Selection

Players: 1-100
Recommended Age: 8+
Playtime in minutes: 20-30


  • 100 blank Floor Plan Blueprint Player Sheets
  • The hopes and dreams of 15 Clients, neatly laid out on their Client Demand Cards.
  • 2 six-sided dice
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