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Home Sweet Home means different things to different people. And whether our perfect home is a castle in Germany, a roaming RV or a treehouse, we can all agree - obtaining that prime piece of real estate is never easy.

In For Sale, players become wheeling, dealing real estate tycoons, in this perfectly-crafted bidding game for 3-6 players. For Sale has become one of the most popular bidding games of all time, and with good reason!

Players bid and bluff their way through the game by purchasing the most valuable real estate, as cheaply as they can, but strategically, it's all in how much you sell them for. Manage your money wisely and outsmart your opponents to become the richest real estate mogul in history (otherwise your new home will be a cardboard box).

For Sale is #4 in a Bookshelf Series of Games by Eagle Gryphon Games.

Game mechanics include auction/bidding and hand management.

Players: 3-6
Recommended Age: 8+
Playtime in minutes: 20-30


  • 30 Property Cards
  • 30 Check Cards
  • 60 $1,000 Chips
  • 12 $2,000 Chips
  • 1 Rulebook