Imperial Settlers - Empires of the North

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Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North is a completely new, standalone card game in the established Imperial Settlers universe. This time designer Ignacy Trzewiczek would like to invite you to the far north, where three different factions live: Scotsman, Inuits, and Vikings. Take on the role of leader, and make your faction into the best empire in the world! However, choosing the faction is only the first step - each faction can be played using one of the two separate and unique decks. And you don't need to modify them - in the base game players will find 6 preconstructed decks ready to use straight out of the box. Each one offers a completely different gameplay style! Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North can be played with up to four players. Develop your economy, deflect your opponent, and fight for dominance in the north.

Mechanics include Strategy, Hand Management, Tableau Building, and Variable Player Powers

Players: 1-4
Recommended Age: 10+
Playtime in minutes: 45-90


  • 1 Expedition board
  • 6 Clan score markers
  • Each player has a Clan score marker
  • to track their .
  • 33 The Ulaf Clan cards
  • 33 The Heidel Clan cards
  • 33 The Panuk Clan cards
  • 33 The Nanurjuk Clan cards
  • 33 The Glenn Clan cards
  • 33 The Mackinnon Clan cards
  • 12 Nearby Island cards 10 Distant Island cards
  • 1 First Player marker