In the Hall of the Mountain King

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Territory denial. Cascading production. Magico and muscle. An innovative game for 2 - 5 trolls that is easy to learn and hides rich depths!

The war was generations ago. Our hated Gnome rivals drove us from our ancestral home beneath the mountain, and we have been wandering the wilderness, scratching out survival in the cold and the dirt. But now something has happened; we feel it in our bones. Without the soul of our people to sustain it, the mountain has collapsed, taking our revenge for us. The surviving Gnomes have fled, and the rubble of our ancient halls calls out for we trolls to come home. So we shall go. By claw and by hammer and by sweat and by spell we will return to our home and our home will return to us.

As a respected leader, gather a following of trolls from the Mud, Fire, Ice, and Moon clans. Dig tunnels clad in stone, iron and heartstone. Carve out spacious galleries as great halls. Unearth the statues of the ancients, and with the help of the clans return them to places of glory near the mountain's heart. The surging cascade of trolls returning home will grow ever mightier as our kingdom is rebuilt, rising and crashing forward until one leader rises above the rest to be crowned the Mountain King!

In the Hall of the Mountain King you spend turns digging into the heart of the mountain or recruiting Trolls to join your workforce. By repairing the mountain, you earn glory and can take your place as the new King of the Trolls.

Mechanics include Network and Route Building, Pick-up and Deliver and Tile Placement

Players: 2-5
Recommended Age: 12+
Playtime in minutes: 90


  • 1 Double-sided Game board
  • 52 Tunnel tiles
  • 5 Player Mats
  • 55 troll cards
  • 30 Starter Troll cards
  • 17 Spell cards
  • 2 Team Storage cards
  • 6 Great Hall tiles
  • 5 Gate tiles
  • 1 start token
  • 22 Workshop tiles
  • 2 Coronation tokens
  • 35 coins
  • 15 Pedestal Point tokens
  • 100 mineral cubes
  • 21 wooden statues
  • 19 wooden petals
  • 20 wooden hammers
  • 45 wooden carts
  • 25 plastic runes
  • 5 wooden score markers
  • 1 draw bag
  • 1 detailed rulebook