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Iello (IEL)

King of Tokyo (Second Edition)

King of Tokyo (Second Edition)

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What do Mutant monsters, gigantic robots, a Cyber Kitty and a Space Penguin all have in common? They want to be King! King of Tokyo that is. And there's one of two ways to do it - be the last monster standing by whacking your opponents with your claw, or gain 20 victory points to walk away with the crown. You choose your strategy.

In this award-winning game by Richard Garfield, players roll six dice to determine if they will attack, heal, gain energy or score victory points. The fiercest player will occupy Tokyo to earn extra points, but while in Tokyo you can't heal, and you must face all the other monsters alone. Special cards can be purchased with energy to add special effects - like adding an extra die or body armor, or obtaining a nova death ray!

King of Tokyo is a great 2-6 player game for all ages and skill level. Easy to teach, and hard to quit, the battle for the King of Tokyo will never be the same game twice!

Mechanisms in King of Tokyo include area control/influence, card drafting, dice rolling, player elimination and press your luck.

Players: 2-6
Recommended Age: 8+
Playtime in minutes: 30

66 cards
6 monster boards
6 monster tokens with plastic stands
8 custom engraved dice
50 energy tokens
28 tokens (card effects)
1 rulebook

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