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Czech Games Edition (CZECH)

Letter Jam

Letter Jam

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Letter Jam is a cooperative game for 2 to 6 players. In each round, every player has a letter that everyone else can see. But no one can see their own letter!

Players try to find words that can be made with the letters they see. The player with the best clue spells it by marking the letters with numbered tokens. Your letter's position in the clue helps you guess what it might be. Then you can move on to a new one! Guess them all before clues run out, and unscramble your hidden word.

Mechanics include: Communication Limits, Cooperative Game, deduction

Players: 2-6
Recommended Age: 10+
Playtime in minutes: 45

  • 64 letter cards
  • 1 wildcard
  • 8 weighted poker chips
  • 6 red tokens
  • 9 green tokens
  • 6 card stands
  • 6 pencils
  • 1 pad of guessing sheets
  • 4 setup cards
  • 1 rulebook
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