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Don your mask, and prepare to step inside the medieval world of Mascarade by Bruno Faidutti. Judge or thief, king or peasant, witch or bishop you'll never know who your opponents are until you unmask them! Bluff and manipulate the influential characters of the city and hide yourself carefully, to swindle your opponents and walk away with all the riches. Mascarade is a fantastic character-based bluffing game for 2 to 13 players.

Players start with 6 coins and randomly dealt character cards. Characters stay face up just long enough for players to catch a glimpse to try and memorize them, and then are turned face down. Your actions include (1) announcing your character to claim the power of that card; (2) 'swap or not' by taking another character's card with yours and hiding them under the table, shuffle them, and replace back onto the table; and (3) secretly look at your character. Can you bluff your way through the Mascarade without being discovered? The first player to hold 13 coins, wins!

Mechanics include: memory and variable playing powers.

Players: 2-13
Recommended Age: 10+
Playtime in minutes: 30


  • 13 character cards
  • 1 blank character card
  • 1 courthouse board
  • 86 gold coins
  • 14 character tokens (including one blank)
  • 5 game aids
  • 1 rulebook