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Devir (DVR)

Mazescape: Ariadne

Mazescape: Ariadne

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Can you escape the maze? If you like solo puzzle activities, you will love the challenge of Mazescape. Try to get out of the maze, figuring out the proper paths while collecting various objects before leaving.

Each box of Mazescape contains 7 maps, which become increasingly difficult as you move from map to map.

In Ariadne, the minotaur is holding Ariadne captive in the deepest dungeon of his labyrinth and you are her only hope. Labyrinthos is a solitaire game with seven different challenges. 

Mechanics include: Modular Board, Multiple Maps and Solo / Solitaire Game

Players: 1
Recommended Age:  8+
Playtime in minutes:  5-90

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