Night Clan

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In the northern city of Bergen there lived a duke with seven beautiful daughters. One day, a masked man appeared before the duke with a warning: that night, when the sun set, the Troll - Giant of the Forest - would assail Bergen and carry off the duke's daughters and wealth.

As the duke, you must hide your daughters and riches in various locations around Bergen to protect them from the Troll. For reinforcements, you have enlisted the mysterious Night Watch and allied yourself with the Mistletoe, whose mystical powers can drive off the Troll.

Night Clan is a fast-paced area control game with a hint of deception. Each player is dealt an identical deck of 13 cards.
The players take turns placing their cards, two at a time, on the game's locations. In the corner of every place, there is a number that indicates the maximum amount of cards that it can contain at any time.

In their first turn, players draw three cards. Then everyone takes turns playing two of them from their hand (in the same place or in different ones) and draw two new cards.
The objective of the game is to score more points than your adversaries. Achieve it by placing valuable cards on the locations that you consider safe, away from the terrible trolls, while trying to position your own troll where the opponents have the most points.

No one can know if hiding under a facedown card there is a malefic troll, a treasure, or the mistletoe, the only charm that has the power to make the troll flee. At the end of the game, facedown cards are revealed, and special effects are triggered. Score each location accordingly, and proceed to declare the winner.

Mechanics include Area Majority / Influence, bluffing

Recommended Age: 14+
Playtime in minutes: 15