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Looney Labs (LOO)



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A fast and easy introductory game that is great for all ages and playable by as many as 10 people. Nomids is a perfect introduction to the Looney Pyramids - a multi purpose game system with endless variations. When you combine game sets, you can play even more games! This set includes 30 pyramids, a tree each of all 10 colors, plus the rules to Nomids. Overviews of 3 other games you can play with just this set are included (full rules available online).

Nomids is a fast and very easy game with a simple goal: get rid of all your pyramids first. Each player starts with one of each size, all different colors. A roll of the special die provides a variety of different actions players can use to move pieces around. If you build a matching set you can dump 3 pieces at once. First player with no 'mids wins! The Nomids set includes a trio of all ten colors in Pyramid Arcade, making it the perfect set of building blocks for expansion.

Mechanics include: Dice Rolling and set collection.

Players: 2-10
Recommended Age: 6+
Playtime in minutes: 2-10

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