One Small Step

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Lead the Space Agencies of the United States and the Soviet Union in their epic race to the moon in this engine building, worker placement board game.

Play on teams of one or two players where each player controls either the Engineer or the Administrator Workers for their team. Coordinate your actions with your teammate to place an Engineer or Administrator Worker.

Each Earth space includes an Engineering and an Administrative Action. Only one can be used. Placing a worker on either Action blocks both the opposing team and your teammate from placing another worker on the Space.

Gather Resources, draft Development Cards, recruit astronauts, launch Missions, and more.  Build your engine and upgrade your Agency: convert circular temporary Resources into square permanent Resources, assign personnel, acquire bonus tiles, enhance Earth Space Actions, and attempt more challenging Missions.

Score Victory Points by launching successful Missions into space. Achieve the Moon Landing to gain a VP Bonus and end the game.  The team with the most Victory Points at the game end - wins!

Now it is your turn to take a step and leave your mark on the Moon.

Mechanics include: Modular Board, Set Collection, Team-Based Game and Worker Placement

Players: 2-4
Recommended Age: 10+
Playtime in minutes: 60-120