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Samarkand Bazaar (2022 edition)

Samarkand Bazaar (2022 edition)

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Samarkand Bazaar includes three Sid Sackson classics in a single box.

In Bazaar, players attempt to gain the right combinations of goods through skillful trading; then purchasing the wares displayed in the Bazaar. The number of goods left over determines the points awarded following the transaction, so efficiency is critical. When trading, players are confined by the current rates posted at the Exchange, which change in every game. After all wares from two stalls have been completely sold out, the Bazaar closes, and the player with the highest score wins.

Samarkand is a fast-paced trading and selling game set in exotic Asia Minor. Cunning Merchants acquire, exchange and sell goods to acquire wealth. Upon visiting Nomad Camps, after offering gifts for their hosts’ hospitality, Merchants trade for the goods they desire. When they enter Oases, they are able to purchase random goods. Ultimately, these Merchants travel to the bazaars in Cities such as Samarkand or Isfahan to sell the goods they have acquired. The Merchants must learn which desert paths to use to travel amongst the Nomad Camps, Oases, and Cities to plan their trips efficiently and earn the fastest (and greatest) profit!

Samarkand Market is based on Sid Sackson’s 1998 game “Business.” Each round, players bid on different lots of goods, with the highest bidder getting to select their lot first. After the auction, players may sell goods using the combinations on the market cards, which change every round! The player with the most Piaster at the end of the game wins!

Players: 2-5
Ages: 9+
Playtime: 30-45 Minutes


  • Rulebook and Rule Cards
  • 1 Double-sided Game Board
  • 1 Cloth bag
  • 1 Market disc
  • 2 Custom dice
  • 5 Player Screens
  • 5 Player aids
  • 5 Camel meeples
  • 114 Wooden cubes
  • 10 Exchange rate cards
  • 45 Ware cards
  • 15 Market Cards
  • Money cards
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