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Asmodee (ASM)



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Bid, bluff, and make the desperate gambits you need to claim victory! Skull is a classic game of deception and gambling for three to six players. Previously known as Skull & Roses, this game challenges you to outwit your friends and lure them into traps when they least suspect it. Is your friend going to try for victory this round, or is that exactly what he wants you to think? You can never be sure what your friends are thinking in a game of Skull.

Skull is played very simply. And it's simply addictive with it's beautiful discs and artwork. The intrigue and anticipation makes for a perfect game. Are your opponents making a gamble to win? Or are they just trying to make you think they've played flowers? Every disc may hide a grinning skull beneath its innocent surface. Enter a world of deception and second-guessing by picking up your copy of Skull today!

Skull includes action, bidding, hand management and player elimination. Two games can be combined to double the fun and player count!

Players: 3-6
Recommended Age: 14+
Playtime in minutes: 15-45

6 tribes are represented in the game composed of

  • 3 flower-discs
  • 1 skull-disc
  • 1 card-playing mat 
  • Rulebook


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