Summoner Wars: Cave Goblins 2nd Summoner Faction Deck Expansion

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SuW-Cave Goblins: 2nd Summoner Expansion to be used with a Summoner Wars Master or Starter set. 

Firelight dances on the dank cavern walls. War drums beat in a furious rhythm. The Cave Goblins move in circles around the fire pit, contorting their bodies in a spastic display. Tonight they celebrate the finding of a Summoning Stone. Tomorrow they make war.

The Cave Goblins are battle-crazed lunatics. They come at their enemies in hordes. Cave Goblin Players like to summon units into battle freely, overwhelming their opponents with bursts of speed and power.

Mechanics include: Action Points, Dice Rolling, Grid Movement, Hand Management, Take That and Variable Player Powers

This expansion requires the Summoner Wars base game to play.

Players:  2-4
Recommended Age: 9+
Playtime in minutes: 30-60


  • 1 Frick - Summoner
  • 1 Dibs - Champion
  • 1 Smeege - Champion
  • 1 The Feeder - Champion
  • 6 Runts - Common
  • 6 Oafs - Common
  • 3 Throw Rocks Events
  • 3 Join the Horde Events
  • 3 Hordes of Rabble Events
  • 3 Wall Cards
  • 1 Summoner Reference Card