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Amigo Spiel (ASI)

Take 5 / Take a Number

Take 5 / Take a Number

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The classic game of 6 Nimmt!

With just two rules for how to play your cards these internationally-recognized strategy card games are easy to learn, but packed with action, surprises, remarkable turnarounds, and plenty of chances to wreak extreme havoc on your fellow players.

Take 5 is the original version, while Take a Number adds extra strategy and extra chances to win, or lose. Can you take the bull by the horns and determine if you're ... unbeata-bull?

Players: 2-10
Recommended Age: 8+


  • 104 Linen finish Take 5„¢ Cards
  • 107 Linen-finish Take a Number„¢ Cards
  • 2 Illustrated Instruction Guides
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