The One Hundred Torii

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Life's a journey, not a destination. Find your path in a beautiful Japanese garden. In the Japanese tradition, the torii gate marks the transition into the sacred. Travel from fountains to flowers to shrines passing through as many torii gates as possible, while meeting vendors, poets, and even Samurai along the way.

Traveling through the Garden - Earn the most journey points by expanding the garden and walking to landmarks through the torii gates. You will interact with people in the garden gaining additional advantages as you play.

  • Lay tiles to create paths in a gorgeous Japanese Garden.
  • Smooth, streamlined rounds - a delightful combination of tile laying, set collection, and unique character abilities.
  • Beautiful components, easy to learn and teach, The One Hundred Torii is a joy to play.

You are not the only visitors to the gardens -The One Hundred Torii includes a single player experience supported by by its own Single Player board, where you meet and have a friendly competition with Onatsu, the Pilgrim.

Mechanics include: Set Collection and Tile Placement

Players: 1-4
Recommended Age: 8+
Playtime in minutes: 45


  • Start Tile (x1) and Game Tiles (x42)
  • Landmark Tokens (x120)
  • Large Landmark Tokens (x24)
  • Coins Tokens(x8)
  • Samurai & Poet Meeples (x2)
  • Info Board (x2) in four languages
  • Character Tokens (x20) and Enclosure Tokens (x4)
  • Achievement Pieces (x10)
  • All 6 Scoring Achievement (x2), Three 10 Scoring Achievement (x2) Character Achievement (x5), Enclosure Achievement (x1)