Viceroy: Times of Darkness

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This expansion requires the  ~ base game to play.

This expansion for Viceroy supplies your pyramid of power with fastidious aristocrats and shady underworld figures.  You will earn precious diamonds and fend off invading monsters.  This expansion actually consists of three separate expansion modules all in one box, as well as revised law cards for the base game and new game modes for one and two players.  

This is not your standard expansion that adds a few cards and some simple mechanics, we are talking all new cards sure, lots of new character cards in the Aristocrat expansion module, but the Invasion Expansion Module introduces monsters which attack on the 3rd, 7th and 11th rounds which have dire consequences should this threat be ignored.  The Dungeon expansion module is our favorite; it allows players to build downward into the dark recesses of the Viceroy world, building below your pyramid during the 2nd phase of each turn, but coming at some steep cost to your overall achievements.  This literally turns the game on its head and makes for an even more fulfilling experience as you have the extra options you crave while trying to fend off the negative impact of going into the darkness too deeply.