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Winterhaven Woods

Winterhaven Woods

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Prepare yourself for a cozy game night with Winterhaven Woods! 

Winterhaven Woods is a strategic card game that combines the excitement of drafting with the strategy of set collection and a dash of light player interaction. 

  • Score points by collecting sets of trees to create woodland homes for your critters to populate for the winter!
  • Add additional points each round by using your predators to hunt critters left exposed in your opponent’s meadows!
  • Strategically balance stealing critters from your opponents woods and meadow, adding them to your own, but being careful not to use too many else you’ll take a penalty.
  • Earn extra bonuses based on how well you were able to craft your winter woodland!

At the end of three rounds everyone totals up their points and bonuses, and the player with the highest score wins!

Mechanics include: Drafting, set collection and variable set up

Players: 1-5
Recommended Age:  8+
Playtime in minutes:  20-30

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