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Eagle-Gryphon Games (EGG)

Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp

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There's a new sheriff in town, and that sheriff is you! In the Wild West, you've got to be cunning and quick to catch some of the toughest and meanest outlaws that ever lived. In Wyatt Earp, you'll ride the heels of famous outlaws like Jesse James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. As the bullets fly and the horses ride hard, only the brave enough survive to get the biggest bounty.

Players take on the role of sheriffs seeking the most bounty, and you work both cooperatively and competitively to try and capture the most notorious outlaws of the Old West.

Mechanics in Wyatt Earp include hand management and set collection. This 'rummy' style game plays 2-4 players and is great for all ages.

Players: 2-4
Recommended Age: 8+
Playtime in minutes: 30-45


  • 29 Sheriff Cards
  • 49 Outlaw Cards
  • 60 $1,000 Reward Tokens 
  • 18 $5,000 Rewards Tokens
  • 4 Summary Cards
  • 7 Reward Posters
  • 1 Rule book
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